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Campaign Legal Center Receives MacArthur Foundation Award for Creative & Effective Institutions

Justice Stevens Delivers Important Speech on Revisiting Supreme Court Campaign Finance DecisionS

To read the 2014 Harold Levinthal Lecture delieverd by retired Justice John Paul Stevens on September 12, 2014, click here.  


The Legal Center has 10 years' experience defending and enforcing campaign finance, election and ethics laws.  There’s a lot to explain and keep straight given recent developments with Super PACs, changing laws, Citizens United, etc.   We think our reports, papers, and other documents will help you understand the different elements at play this cycle and how to make sense of it all.


To watch Legal Center president Trevor Potter's numerous appearances on The Colbert Reportclick here.



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Stephen Colbert Helps Dedicate the Ham Rove Memorial Conference Room at the Campaign Legal Center



To read the press release about the dedication, click here.



J. Gerald Hebert Condemns the Supreme Court’s Shelby County v. Holder Decision Deeming Key Provisions of the Voting Rights Act Unconstitutional



“Elections for Sale” - to watch Trevor Potter on Bill Moyers & Company, click here.

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"Big Sky, Big Money" - to watch Trevor Potter in the PBS Frontline investigative report, click here.

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This morning, in Veasey v. Perry, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to stop a Texas photo voter ID (SB 14) law from being used in the upcoming election, despite the fact that one week earlier a U.S. District Court ruled the law unconstitutionally racially discriminatory and a poll tax.  The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit had subsequently stayed that ruling, leaving SB 14 in effect due to concerns that striking down the law now would disturb the upcoming election. The Campaign Legal Center is part of the legal team representing voters and elected officials adversely impacted by the law, and has argued that permitting the photo ID law to remain in effect will cause more confusion for voters and election officials.; width: 405px; right: 0px; clip: rect(auto auto auto 403px); white-space: nowrap;"; width: 405px; right: 0px; clip: rect(auto auto auto 403px); white-space: nowrap;">









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