IRS decision to grant Crossroads GPS “Social Welfare Status” Is a Mistake

Mar 3, 2016

Campaign Legal Center and Democracy 21 send IRS letter criticizing decision

WASHINGTON – Campaign Legal Center joined Democracy 21 in a letter sent today to the Internal Revenue Service Commissioner, criticizing the IRS’ decision, made without explanation, to grant recognition to Crossroads GPS as a “social welfare” organization under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code.

“By allowing an organization like Crossroads GPS to spend in our elections secretly and with impunity, the IRS has all but guaranteed that similar ‘dark money’ groups will proliferate,” CLC General Counsel Larry Noble said in an earlier statement. “It is impossible to defend depriving the public of the true sources of the funding behind the flood of political ads seeking to influence election outcomes as ‘promoting social welfare.’ The public has the right to know who is funding our elections.”


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