• Trevor Potter


    Trevor Potter is the founder and President of CLC. He is a former Chairman of the Federal Election Commission. He is one of the country's most prominent and experienced campaign and election lawyers. He is also a Senior Adviser to the reform group Issue One, as well as head of the political law practice at the Washington firm of Caplin & Drysdale. To many, he is perhaps best known for his appearances on the Colbert Report as the lawyer for Stephen Colbert’s super PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, during the 2012 election.

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    Trevor Potter and "The Colbert Report"

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  • Paul M. Smith

    Vice President, Litigation & Strategy

    Paul M. Smith joined CLC as Vice President, Litigation & Strategy in January 2017. Paul works directly with CLC’s talented team of litigators to protect and improve our democracy through innovative litigation strategies.

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  • Lawrence M. Noble

    Senior Director & General Counsel

    Lawrence M. Noble is Senior Director & General Counsel at CLC. Prior to joining the CLC, he served as President and CEO of Americans for Campaign Reform (ACR)...

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  • J. Gerald Hebert

    Senior Director, Voting Rights & Redistricting

    J. Gerald Hebert ("Gerry") is currently the Senior Director, Voting Rights & Redistricting at CLC. He joined in 2004...

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  • Tara Malloy

    Senior Director, Appellate Litigation & Strategy

    Ms. Malloy joined CLC in November 2006. She litigates a wide range of campaign finance and election law cases in state and federal court, and has expertise in campaign finance, lobbying, and congressional ethics issues...

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  • Meredith McGehee

    Strategic Advisor

    Meredith McGehee serves as Strategic Advisor for CLC where she directs the legislative and media policy efforts...

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  • Ruth Greenwood

    Senior Legal Counsel, Voting Rights & Redistricting

    Ruth Greenwood joined CLC in March 2016. Ruth litigates a wide variety of redistricting cases, with a particular focus on ending partisan gerrymandering and promoting minority representation.  Ruth also has expertise in voting rights, election administration, and youth civic engagement issues.

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  • Brendan Fischer

    Director, Federal & FEC Reform

    Brendan Fischer joined CLC in March 2016. He has expertise in campaign finance and government transparency issues and and is a frequent commentator for national news publications

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  • Danielle Lang

    Senior Legal Counsel, Voting Rights & Redistricting

    Danielle Lang joined CLC in October 2015. She litigates a wide range of voting rights matters before state and federal courts.

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