• Trevor Potter


    Trevor Potter is the founder and President of CLC. He is a former Chairman of the Federal Election Commission. He is one of the country's most prominent and experienced campaign and election lawyers. He is also a Senior Adviser to the reform group Issue One, as well as head of the political law practice at the Washington firm of Caplin & Drysdale. To many, he is perhaps best known for his appearances on the Colbert Report as the lawyer for Stephen Colbert’s super PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, during the 2012 election.

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    Trevor Potter and "The Colbert Report"

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  • Paul M. Smith

    Vice President, Litigation and Strategy

    Paul M. Smith joined CLC as Vice President, Litigation and Strategy in January 2017. Paul works directly with CLC’s talented team of litigators to protect and improve our democracy through innovative litigation strategies.

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  • Lawrence M. Noble

    Senior Director, Ethics, & General Counsel

    Lawrence M. Noble is Senior Director, Ethics, & General Counsel at CLC. Prior to joining the CLC, he served as President and CEO of Americans for Campaign Reform (ACR)...

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  • J. Gerald Hebert

    Senior Director of Voting Rights and Redistricting

    J. Gerald Hebert ("Gerry") is currently the Senior Director, Voting Rights & Redistricting at CLC. He joined in 2004...

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  • Tara Malloy

    Senior Director, Appellate Litigation & Strategy

    Ms. Malloy joined CLC in November 2006. She litigates a wide range of campaign finance and election law cases in state and federal court, and has expertise in campaign finance, lobbying, and congressional ethics issues...

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  • Meredith McGehee

    Strategic Advisor

    Meredith McGehee serves as Strategic Advisor for CLC where she directs the legislative and media policy efforts...

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  • Ruth Greenwood

    Senior Legal Counsel, Voting Rights & Redistricting

    Ruth Greenwood joined CLC in March 2016. Ruth litigates a wide variety of redistricting cases, with a particular focus on ending partisan gerrymandering and promoting minority representation.  Ruth also has expertise in voting rights, election administration, and youth civic engagement issues.

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  • Brendan Fischer

    Director, Federal & FEC Reform

    Brendan Fischer joined CLC in March 2016. He has expertise in campaign finance and government transparency issues and litigates a broad range of election and campaign finance cases.

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  • Danielle Lang

    Senior Legal Counsel, Voting Rights & Redistricting

    Danielle Lang joined CLC in October 2015. She litigates a wide range of voting rights matters before state and federal courts.

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