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The Campaign Legal Center and Issue One jointly released a report which details specific solutions to reduce the power of money in politics and restore faith in public institutions. Read the report. Visit the Blueprints for Democracy website.

Appearances, Publications & Speeches
Campaign Legal Center staff members are frequently asked to deliver speeches to audiences around the world.  Their writings are also regularly published in a variety of outlets ranging from law reviews and other academic publications to daily newspapers and popular online outlets.
Reference Materials
The Campaign Legal Center produces a variety of reference materials to simplify and distill a wide range of complicated topics including:  current litigation, the various outside groups participating in our elections, and the rules governing political advertising on television and radio.

Outside Resources
Below are links to organizations that track money in politics on the federal and state levels as well as a number of the legislative offices and government agencies that write, administer, interpret and enforce laws impacting campaign finance, voting rights, political communications and government ethics.

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