Donations from individuals and foundations to Campaign Legal Center (CLC) – a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan organization – make possible our work in campaign finance, voting rights, redistricting and government ethics. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Please join us in securing a representative, responsible and accountable American democracy. To make an online donation, please click here. To donate by mail, please click here. To learn about additional ways to donate, please call us at 202-736-2200.   

Given our commitment to transparency and accountability, CLC discloses the names of all donors that have given $200 or greater within the past two years. We update the list on a monthly basis. 

We also have uploaded copies of our most recent 990Audited Financial Statement and Document Retention Policy to help you gain a further understanding of our organization. 

We do not share or sell any of our donors' personal information with anyone else, nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations. This policy applies to all donors regardless of the size or source of their donation.  

We are grateful to the following individual and institutional donors who have supported our work over the past two years (in alphabetical order):

Institutions Individuals
Laura and John Arnold Foundation John Abbott
The Atlantic Philanthropies Andrea Joy Albrecht
The William Backer Foundation Eric and Susan Aledort
BayTree Fund Christopher Ambrose
Bessemer National Gift Fund David Anderson
Brico Fund James H. Andrews
Bright Funds Foundation Christopher Angell
The Brokaw Family Foundation  Laura and John Arnold
California Forward Zachary Arnold 
Chockstone Fund Kristine Atwater 
Community Foundation for the National Capital Region Anne and Donald Ayer
Community Foundation of Louisville Joanna Balme
Common Concerns Leora Barish 
Cow Hollow Fund Marc Bauer
Democracy Fund George Beck
A. & D. Dwyer Charitable Foundation Corinne Becker
Edwards Family Fund at Silicon Valley Communication Foundation Kathyrn A. Behling and Christopher J. Hansen
FairVote Greg Berman
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Philip and Odile Birsh
Ford Foundation Marta Black
Georgetown Law Center Edward Blaine
David B. Gold Foundation Nathan Block
Horace Goldsmith Foundation Mazal Bohhbot Berrie
Harwood Family Fund Emmet Bondurant
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Emily Boochever
Jonathan Holman Charitable Fund Kathryn Brady
Charles Evans Hughes Memorial Foundation Susan and Timothy Breen
Christopher Hughes and Sean Eldridge Donor Advised Fund Laura Brill
Samuel Freeman Charitable Trust Andrew Bruml
Issue One Ann F Brundige 
Moritz Jenkins Charitable Fund Patrick Bryant 
Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago Gerald P Burns
Joyce Foundation Sandra Burt
David Kadish and Michael Norton Charitable Gift Fund  Ellen Bustan
Kirshenbaum/ Slater Family Charitable Fund Sarah Cabbage
Paul H. Klingenstein and Kathleen R. Bole Family Fund John Callas
Layden Family Foundation Kathryn Camp
Leon Fund II of the Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia  Anita Carey
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Timothy Carroll
The McCullers Family Fund Esther Cervantes
DJ McManus Foundation Inc. David M. Chan
Mertz Gilmore Foundation Andrew Cheng
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust Esther Clark
Network for Good Brenda Clayton
The Next Generation Foundation Kenny Clemons
Open Society Foundations Charlotte Coffelt
The Oran Kessler Family Charitable Fund Lynne Cohee
Marc and Tracy Porosoff Charitable Fund Steve Cohen
Present Progressive Fund Kristin Coleman
Puri-Punian Family Charitable Fund Anthony Corrado
Qualcomm Grant Matching Andrew Dalesandro 
Red House Fund David Daley
Reed Family Foundation Hugh Deaner
Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc. Annette De Knijf
Resources Legacy Fund Alicia Diehl
Rockefeller Brothers Fund Daniel Drais 
San Francisco Foundation Deborah Duskey
Sandler Foundation Peter Earle
Schmeltzer MLJ Charitable Fund William Earle
Shames Family Foundation Lisa Ecola
Shute, Mihaly, & Weinberger LLP  Christopher Eldred
Skadden Fellowship Foundation David Elvin
Southern Poverty Law Center Lowell Ericsson
Kevin W. Smith Charitable Fund Lauren Eriks
Soltani-Plotz Charitable Fund Jay Ewing
State Infrastructure Fund Mark Faasse
Susi and Dick Stoll Charitable Fund Benjamin Farkas
Stuart Family Foundation John-Paul Ferguson
Sustainable Grantmaking Partners Fund Alison Ferrante
Thornburg Foundation The Flanz Family
Tides Foundation Keith Forsyth 
Nancy Tisdall Fund Jimmy Fortuna
University of Guam Amy Goldman Fowler
Vmware Foundation Eric Fox
Wellspring Philanthropic Fund Adam Fried
  Charles Fried
  Martin Frost
  Katherine Gehl
  David and Donna Gerson
  Julia Getzels
  Deborah Gieringer
  John Glenn
  Andrew Goggins
  Erick Grau
  Janice Grau and Harold Borkowski
  Barry Greenberg
  John Griffith
  Brian Gross
  Dan and Dana Grossman
  Val Gui
  Andrew Hall and Natalie Olsen
  Freeman Hall
  Zev Handel
  Greg Harmon
  Shelly and Steven Harris 
  John Harwood
  Lucinda Hastings
  Mrs. Francis W. Hatch Jr.
  Adam Hawley
  Peter Hayes
  Deborah Hellman
  Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson
  Scott Hess
  Frances Hill
  James Houghton
  Rhee Howard
  Barry Ives
  Karen Jenne
  Bridgette, Matt, Owen, and Zoe Kaiser
  Allen Kamp
  Pamela Karlan 
  Michael and Linda Spyers-Duran Katz
  Ian Keith 
  John Kerr
  Priscilla Kersten
  Monica Khemsurov
  Paul King
  Elizabeth Kiser
  Lee Klingenstein
  Paul Klingenstein
  Amelia Koch
  Tim Koch and Sandra McFarren
  Daniel Laloggia
  Kate Laue 
  Kesten Law
  Donald and Mary Jo Layden
  Me Leibowitz
  Geoffrey Leonard
  Adam Levine
  William Levine
  Jonathan Lewis
  Leanne Lewis
  Carol Lind
  Matthew Loconte
  Susan Long
  Clara and Bevis Longstreth 
  David Longtin
  Sean and Loran Loosli
  Cori Lowe
  Madeleine & David Lubar
  Ann Luther
  Marek Ma
  Richard Marcus
  Jenny Mason
  Devin and Gina Mathews
  Henri Mayer 
  Mary McCormick
  Sylvia McDonough
  Marcia McKenzie
  John W Miller
  Lisa Miller
  Nancy Miller
  Miles Mogulescu
  Don Montgomery
  Natalie Moon-Wainwright
  Ruthanne Morentz
  Abigail, Robin, and John Moss Hinchcliff
  Clay Mulford 
  Matthew Murray
  Robert Newton
  Lan Nguyen
  Bruce Nichols
  Ron Nies
  Yaran Noti
  Steven Nydick
  George Ohrstrom
  Norman Ornstein
  Stuart Parsons
  Gabriel Paulson
  Soren Peterson
  Nan M. Phifer
  Eugene Philippi
  Charles Philips
  Marian Pillsbury
  Alisa Plazonja
  Trevor Potter
  Anna Prow
  Ling Qiu
  Christopher M. Quilter
  Steve Raphael
  Jonathan Rayla
  Richard Rees
  Rosemary Regis
  Miriam Reimel
  John Reindl
  Courtney Rennicke 
  Michael Replogle
  Tasha Repp
  Mike Rodin
  Bradford Rope
  Michael Rosenzweig
  Heather Ross
  Ann Rowland
  Mary Rubin and Sam Lieber
  Richard and Sally Russo 
  Pamela Saunders
  Leslie Scallet and Maury Lieberman
  Mary Gay Scanlon
  Diane Schwartz
  Maureen Redmond Scura
  Theodore Sedgwick
  Thomas Serowik
  Janet and Benjamin Shute 
  Jenn Silva
  John Simson
  David Smith
  Iphigenia Smith
  Jeffrey Snyder-Reinke
  Robert H. Snyder III
  Marc Solomon
  Margaret Somers
  Leonard Sobczak
  Barbara Spaeth
  Christine Startup
  Andrew Stegemoeller
  William Stempel
  Brendan Sterne
  Philippa Strahm
  Lynda Sullivan
  Laura Swinand
  Galen Thompson 
  Brooks Thorlaksson
  Peter Titcomb
  Anna Totdahl
  C Bowdoin Train
  Stephen Trimble & Joanne Slotnik
  Luke Tristram
  Todd Tsakiris
  Martina Vandenberg
  Paul von Hippel
  Katherine Waldbauer
  David Walker
  Mallory and Diana Walker
  Lekan Wang
  Alden Warner
  Viviane Warren
  Gerald J Wasserburg
  Kyle Weatherly
  Stephen Weinstein 
  Marie Weiss
  Michael Williams
  Angela Wilson
  Katherine Wise
  Steven and Gail Wish
  Roger Witten 
  Michael Zilkha
  Nancy Zito
  Jay Zukerman


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