Our Work


The Campaign Legal Center is committed to protecting our democratic system. A healthy democracy requires an engaged citizenry and functioning civic processes that allow citizens’ voices to be heard and that ensure public officials can be held accountable. We employ a variety of strategies to protect and improve the democratic process—litigating in courts to defend pro-democracy policies and challenge anti-democracy policies, participating in regulatory agency proceedings to interpret and enforce the law, and drafting pro-democracy laws and policies and advocating their adoption. We engage in this work at every level of government—municipal, county, state and federal.

  • Litigation

    The Campaign Legal Center participates in a variety of trial and appellate court cases around the country involving campaign finance, voting rights and other aspects of election and ethics law at the federal, state and local levels.

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  • Policy Issues

    In addition to our work in the courts, the Campaign Legal Center participates in generating and shaping our nation's policy debates about money in politics, disclosure, political advertising, and ethics rules and enforcement for public officials. CLC is often called upon for advice and expertise on matters related to our issue areas.  CLC is a nonpartisan organization and does not engage in election-related activity.

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  • State & Local Reform Program

    The Campaign Legal Center’s State & Local Program is designed to aid stakeholders at the state and municipal levels as they push for effective democracy reforms in their communities. The State & Local Program can help with the entire life cycle: from policy development, to legislative drafting, participating in the administrative process to push for effective administration and enforcement. In concert with CLC’s litigation team, the State & Local Program can help advocates design laws that will be on solid ground if challenged in court.

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