Campaign Finance


The way our elections are financed is directly related to the health of our democracy and the quality of our public policies.  The Campaign Legal Center understands the importance of laws and regulations that foster transparency and fairness as well as promote the robust competition of ideas that are a hallmark of a functioning democracy. Recent election cycles have seen troubling developments, with less disclosure of where big money is coming from, larger roles for Super PACS and 501(c)(4) and a dysfunctional regulatory system. We work to protect the integrity of our democracy by litigating a wide range of campaign finance cases at the federal and state level, and by participating in rulemaking proceedings and filing complaints at federal and state enforcement agencies. We also offer our perspective through reports, speeches and op-eds, and provide links to primary source material from court cases and administrative agency proceedings.

Major Campaign Finance Cases - Links to case materials and summaries of major campaign finance decisions, 

from the Supreme Court’s landmark 1976 decision in Buckley v. Valeo to recent decisions clearing the way for unlimited corporate spending and Super PACs. The Campaign Legal Center has been involved in every major case since 2003, including McConnell v. FEC